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Why should I take the DISC personality test?

The DISC test gives you rare insights that will change the way you see yourself. is a web tool that gives you an opportunity to get an intimate and insightful view of your unique personality style. Because information is power, our analysis is a potent tool for self growth. Plus, it's free :)

Simply register, take the DISC assessment, and get your results instantly. But is it really completely free?

Our thoroughly validated, 7-minute assessment is (in fact) completely free. It focuses on observable behaviors and captures your personality as seen by yourself and others. Your personalized report identifies key dimensions of your behavior and allows you to see yourself the way others see you.

Your Personality Style description and power statement provide a discerning cursory glance at your dominant traits. And that's not all...

If you like what you read, just upgrade to get a much more in-depth extended DISC report!

Without answering any more quiz questions, your extended DISC report offers a complete 360 degree, stunning panoramic view of YOUR personality type. Your full report will identify:

  • Your natural personality strengths and how to capitalize on them
  • Your natural personality limitations and how to minimize them
  • Your greatest fears
  • Your instinctive responses to pressure
  • Your natural leadership qualities
  • Your personality type graphs viewed from every angle

Let's face it, humans don't come with instruction manuals. But if we did, wouldn't we want to know critical information so that we can flourish and prosper in our relationships and in life? Your extended disc report will also show you:

  • How you are personally motivated
  • How to create the environment with which you will thrive
  • How to minimize personality conflicts and stress with others
  • How to enhance communication with opposite personality styles
  • How to gain credibility within your personal world
  • How others can bring out "the best" in your character

Share your assessment with others for maximum benefits.

The beauty of your report is that you can begin applying principles immediately to practical everyday situations privately or interpersonally. Share your report with spouses, family members, siblings, friends, roommates, and colleagues-- you will be amazed at how much understanding can come from this! The results are profound!

Share and swap personalized reports with our built in tools.

On the results page of our personality test, there are many easy tools you can use to email or post your report on social networks. Encourage others to take 7 minutes to get their personalized report and read it together. Sharing the information, applying the tips, and together, striving to gain a deeper understanding of your closest relationships will have many positive returns in your life and the lives of those closest to you.

Keep your eyes peeled for more products.

We have been studying human behavior for over 30 years and have many more useful techniques to positively apply to your personality style for your continued success in dating, compatibility, and professional networking.